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Following are our Treatment suggestions according to the Age groups.
0-10 years This is perhaps the best decade of your life as far as facial skin is concerned. Your skin is plump, pink and blemish free. All you need is to use a Sunscreen with an SPF 15-26 during exposure to direct sunlight.
10-25 years From puberty to 25 years of age Acne is going to bother 85% of people at some or the other time. Proper management of Acne and acne scar can prevent a lot of problems in future.
25-35 years At this age, Sun damage is the cause of concern. It can be avoided or minimized to a great extent by using sunscreen under medical guidance. You may also start showing fine wrinkles and losing the glow and moisture. Proper usage of skin care products can restore the youth.
Suggested treatments: Skin Polishing (Microdermabrasion) and chemical peeling.

35-45 years More fine wrinkles especially under the eyes and around lips appear. You may notice dynamic wrinkles on expression. Horizontal wrinkles on forehead on raising eyebrows and Craw’s feet around outer angles of eyes on laughing is very common. Some people may notice visible nasolabial fold in its upper 1/3 and early tear trough
Suggested treatments: Chemical Peeling and Medifacials for fine wrinkles. Botox for dynamic coarse wrinkles. Fillers for Nasolabial folds and tear trough

45-55 years The wrinkles may now be visible even at rest in many cases. There is a loss of volume of face. Hollows appear around eyes, over highest points of cheek bones, cheeks and around nose. Nasolabial folds become more prominent. Marionette lines begin to appear. In fifties you may also notice sagging of skin a little beyond jaw lines. Some of you may also notice beginning of under eye bags. Suggested treatments: Botox for wrinkles Fillers and fat grafting for volume loss. Mini facelift

[55-70 years Nasolabial folds become very prominent. Marionette lines extend on to the chin. Jawls appear on both sides Horizontal lines and vertical bands appear in Neck. Multiple visible fine and coarse wrinkles are seen on face. There are brown colored spots on skin (Seborrhic dermatitis) Fine blood vessels appear on skin. Suggested treatments: Botox Fillers, Mini (Short scar) Face lift Neck lift and Platysmaplasty.

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